It's not always about you

In this late afternoon, I finished my workout session in the gym and went home. While I am waiting my sweat to dry off from my body before jump into the cold shower. I begin to draft this post. During my early adulthood, I landed in my "dream company" with a job position that is noble enough to retain the good name of the products by satisfy the consumer needs. 

First day, I was sitting on my desk and browsed through dictionary's thick of documents and files. Later of the days, I started to work in the manufacturing lines. I did all the learning by coaching from others, observations, trial and error and google. 

I started to gain my trust from the team and the bonds between us are getting so stronger as days count off. But not all time can be light-hearted. There were times that caused conflicted of interest. I had to deal with difficult bosses and coworkers. In this situation, I cannot bad-mouthing on someone when I disagreed with their idea. Boss forced me to take the initiative and put the company first, ahead of my frustration and disappointment. In reality, there is no second option to me thus I accepted the offer and give it a try. 

Despite all the efforts given and results generated, there was no sign of appreciation. In fact, they want more out of me. At this moment, I asked myself: Am I working to for myself or they are taking advantages out of me? 


Bali Trip Part 1

I did a solo trip to Bali last month.Travelling alone is a brand new experience for me. Most of the time you need to bare with a fact that you are alone. But in Bali, you will never feel lonely. Many tourists, travelers same as me are gather in an island (province of Indonesia) to experience the Hinduism culture origin from Majapahit Empire. Balinese are friendly (may be because I speak a little of Bahasa Indonesia). *wink*

During the 7 days, I was staying in a homestay at Sanur (which are a less busy place compared to Kuta/Legian/Seminyak). Friendly staff from the home-stay lend me a bicycle to cycling around and also I made some new friends throughout the trip. 

Tirta Empul Temple

Uluwatu Temple

Kecak Dance

Sanur Town
Ubud, Tegalallang Rive Terraces

~ Stay tune for my scuba diving experiences in Bali~


Happy Birthday To January Babies

Some of the fondest memories we gather in the journey of life are the ones remind us our beloved friends. Moments with endless laughter, longest chats and beautiful times are simply priceless. Celebrating birthday, anniversary brought us a chance to gather up. We sat in a restaurant where pork dishes are served. Nonetheless, we talked so loud as usual until the whole restaurant was contained with our laughter. 
We laughed hard on each other embarrassed moment.

Killer's stare.
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Quirky Friend
January babies


Day-time, night-time and everytime.

In this digital ages, social medias and mobile phones play an integral role in friendship. These electronic gadgets can maintain the ties among friends. We can share the interesting and important aspects of our lives. But what is better than we have the opportunity to sit down and chat all day-all night long instead of converting happiness through a flat shiny screen.